Really Great Training
Brand Identity

The value of an entertaining brand

Nick Davies came to see us after starting The Really Great Training Company, providing practical training in business development and communications skills for legal companies. His business required an identity that was light hearted, fun and dynamic.

Our first work with Nick was to help him develop a brand that reflected his style and method of training.

As the business became more established we worked on the concept for a range of booklets to help illustrate the courses. We picked a pocket size, deciding that the information should not be too dense.

We used visually interesting material and humour to illustrate his key training points.

The result was a set of 4 booklets on business development, networking, public speaking and negotiating that have been incredibly well received, reflecting Nick’s original approach and marking out The Really Great Training Company as different from the pack. In Nick’s words, 'Your designs get me work!'

We continue to work with The Really Great Training Company on all their design requirements, including course overview brochures, website, mobile website and stationery.

We have just finished reading "How To Be Great At The Stuff You Hate" by Nick Davies. It's an excellent guide...
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